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Landscape Volunteer Work Day

An opportunity to help install the Landscaping Plan at the Home for Josh Sweeney.

Saturday, Oct. 25, 2014 ….. 9:00am

8765 SW River Road, Hillsboro, OR

Contact: https://hfotusa.org/attend_event


 Pre-Registration Deadline is November 3rd.

YouTube / 2014 VFW Year in Review

What is a Cootie ?

Many comrades ask “What are the Cooties and why should I get involved?” The Cooties received their charter as an Auxiliary to the VFW in 1920. Our mission is: (1) to work with and for hospitalized veterans, (2) to support the VFW National Home for Children, and (3) to diligently work for our Post in recruiting members, maintaining our Post home, putting on dinners, and holding other fund raisers to benefit the VFW. In every Post we have outstanding comrades already performing these tasks; however VFW members can’t report these efforts as Community Service because they directly benefit the VFW and their Post. However as an Auxiliary, we are able to report our hours and donations via
Booster Reports to the VFW.

Many have heard that we do not do business in the usual fashion, which is true. We do it with a definite sense of humor and a certain amount of silliness. But do not mistake our attitude as lackadaisical. Last year, the Supreme MOC Organization reported $3,600,000 in additional services to the National VFW. That is no joke. The MOC has allowed me to dedicate and focus even more of my efforts toward helping our veterans, helping veterans’ families in need, and my Post. So, if you are asked to join the Cooties, give it serious consideration.

John Wrinkle, Grand Commander
Oregon Military Order of the Cootie (MOC)

Visit the Cooties @   www.puptent1.org

YouTube / Courtesy Of The Red, White And Blue (The Angry American)
Toby Keith VEVO

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